And She Lived Happily Ever After

"You...yes you, deserve to live happily ever after"



The Story...



Once upon a time there was a woman who noticed that despite there being more opportunities for women in the workplace and more acceptance of women being considered equal, there are still women all over the world who are still not fulfilled in their lives and who are not living their happy every after. This woman was me, Deborah Durbin, who spent lockdown(#1) writing a book called And She Lived Happily Ever After, which looks at the many areas where women can make small adjustments in their lives and create their own happy ever after.

From how to handle difficult people to learning how to set boundaries and to stand up for yourself, And She Lived Happily Ever After (due out late 2022), looks at how women can take back their power and live their own happy ever after.

This website is designed as a space for women from all walks of life to claim back their power and say, 'Nah, I'm not having it!' and work on creating their happy ever after. Whilst the website a promotional tool for the book, this is also a community of like-minded women and will feature inspiring articles, workshops and event dates and a place to come when you feel you need a bit of support.

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"And She Lived Happily Ever After is engaging, upbeat and reader friendly. The topic is on point and one that will resonate with many women!"

Krystina Kellingley - Editor


'Durbin brilliantly answers questions I never knew I had. This is a guide to life everyone needs to read to have their very own Happily Ever After.

Her experience speaks for itself and makes the book funny, straight-forward and empowering'   

Rosalind Moody 

Editor Soul & Spirit Magazine